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Embedding-UCEDD Directors Interview Report 11.30.17

Phase I

Summary of Interview Results of UCEDD Directors on Cultural Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Recommended Action Steps. This final report details the methods and findings from the environmental scan. It also presents recommendations from the UCEDD Directors and the Embedding Project Team regarding professional development and consultation activities that are needed to support UCEDD Directors in their leadership roles to advance and sustain cultural diversity and CLC across all core functions within their programs.

Environmental Scan of the Literature on Curricula That Address Cultural and Linguistic Competence for Those Providing Services and Supports to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from Racially, Ethnically, and Culturally Diverse Populations

Phase I

The purpose of this environmental scan was to determine the current state of the literature on the development and content of curricula on CLC that specifically address the intersection of intellectual and developmental disabilities and racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse populations. Analysis of these findings will be used, in conjunction with other project findings, to formulate a set of recommendations to the developmental disabilities network and particularly UCEDDs for future efforts to enhance curricula and training activities that address this intersection.

Report on Identifying and Vetting Curricula and Training Materials in the AUCD Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

Phase I

This component of the environmental scan used a process to identify and vet only those curricula and training materials listed in the AUCD Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit: (1) for quality and consistency using criterion based on widely accepted CLC published frameworks; and (2) share results with the UCEDD network on those training resource that addressed the intersection of cultural diversity, cultural and linguistic competence, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Identifying and Vetting UCEDD Curricula and Training Materials focused on the Intersection of Cultural Diversity, Cultural and Linguistic Competence, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Phase II

Phase II environmental scan consisted of a request to UCEDDs to submit up to 5 of their exemplary curricula and training materials focused on the intersection of cultural diversity, cultural and linguistic competence (CLC), and developmental disabilities to be vetted by the Project team. The vetted curricula and training materials can be accessed here. The attached document is a final report of the findings that include recommended action steps for UCEDDs to integrate subject matter on CLC and cultural diversity in interdisciplinary pre-service training, continuing education, and community training activities.

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