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Cultural Brokering: An Effective Approach for Engaging Diverse Communities in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services and Supports

Author(s)/Developer(s): Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence
Date: April 28, 2016
Publisher/Source: Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence
Contributed by: Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development UCEDD
Type: Training Material

This Learning and Reflection Forum from the Leadership Institute on Cultural Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence highlights selected intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations that are successfully using cultural brokering to engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities. It also explores what it takes to lead cultural broker programs within the intellectual and developmental disabilities network. Viewers will be able to: (1) define the concepts of cultural brokering, (2) list the attributes, knowledge and skills of a cultural broker, (3) describe the role of cultural brokering in the provision of services and supports in intellectual and developmental disabilities programs, (4) cite at least two situations from the literature on cultural brokering, and (5) describe best practices in cultural brokering implemented by programs in two states. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the implications of leading cultural brokering initiatives in their respective states, territories, tribal nations and organizational settings.

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