Training Action Plan

Cultural Competence Facilitators Handbook

Author(s)/Developer(s): Mukai, E.
Date: Not available
Publisher/Source: Fairfax County, VA Schools
Contributed by: Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University
Type: Curriculum

This is a course designed for school personnel to increase cultural competence. The course includes a set of videos on each topic, multiple activities, that include personal reflection, on each topic and a set of evaluation sheets for each section. There is an accompanying Participant’s Workbook that can be downloaded. The beginning of the course defines the terms and helps participants begin to feel more comfortable talking about cultural competence. As the course progresses, topics shift to specific strategies that can provide avenues to greater cultural competence. It includes content on defining culture, a model of four stages of cultural competence, behaviors leading to cultural competence and next steps for participants. Some of the content deals with surface level behaviors, but could be a good set of activities to introduce the topic. There is not content specifically related to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and thus adaptations or additions would have to be considered within that context for use in training for UCEDDs.

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