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Developing Culturally Responsive Approaches to Serving Diverse Populations: A Resource Guide for Community Based Organizations

Author(s)/Developer(s): Lopez, M., Hofer, K., Bumgarner, E., & Taylor, D.
Date: March, 2017
Publisher/Source: National Resource Center on Hispanic Children & Families, Publication #2017-17
Submitted by: UCEDD at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, University of Southern California
Type: Training or Curricula

This document provides definitions of cultural competence, a framework for achieving it and is focused at the organizational level for providing social services. It also discusses choosing interventions for diverse populations including attention to issues of language access; conducting a needs assessment in a culturally competent manner; measurement considerations for diverse populations; collaboration through a diversity lens; workforce diversity and budgeting to serve diverse populations. The majority of the document lists resources related to each topic that would be useful for faculty in constructing training activities or building a curriculum, however the introductory text is also useful. There is not content related to individuals with IDD, and thus the resources would have to be considered within that context for use in UCEDD curricula and training activities.

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