Training Action Plan

Establishing and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships When Working with Latino Families

Author(s)/Developer(s): Hernandez, J.; Janks, E. and Alvarez, A.
Date: April 2011
Publisher/Source: Wayne State University, Developmental Disabilities Institute
Contributed by: Wayne State University, Developmental Disabilities Institute
Type: Training Material

A 6-page informational and pictorial document which describes the results of a focus group with Latino families who have children with developmental disabilities that explores barriers and challenges these families experienced accessing services and supports for their children and themselves. The document is written in "plain" English and described the following barriers about agencies with which they interacted. The agencies were described as: (1) employing people who do not seem to be trained in working with families of children with disabilities or people with disabilities, (2) not having people (employees) who are bilingual or culturally sensitive to the Latino population, and (3) not accepting children with disabilities in the programs they offer. The summary and recommendations of this document provides insight and guidance to agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse groups and include the following. Agencies that are located in culturally diverse areas should:

  • Be prepared to meet the needs of the residents of the community.
  • Ensure that employees should take time to learn about other cultures.
  • Offer informational products in Spanish.
  • Ensure that some staff should speak Spanish.
  • Ensure that all staff understand and respect the Hispanic culture.
  • While the resource provides these recommendation, it does not describe strategies to and organizational change needed for implementation of such practices for UCEDDs. This can be a component of UCEDD curricula and training but is not a stand-alone resource.

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