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Health Disparities LEND PPT

Author(s)/Developer(s): Peacock, G. and Ortiz, E.
Date: January 2017
Publisher/Source: Utah Regional LEND
Available from: Utah Regional LEND
Contributed by: Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University
Type: Training Material

This resource consists of a PowerPoint presentation (23 slides) on the topic of health disparities and National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate in Health and Health Care (CLAS Standards). The resource addresses the following topics: (1) why diversity and cultural linguistic competence is important, (2) elements of cultural competence, (3) the changing demographics within the United States, (4) health disparities, inequity, social determinants (theory and examples), (5) healthcare disparities, and (6) links to various resources. This resource can be used as an introduction in UCEDD curricula and training activities, but would need additional information that addresses disparities related to the intersection of disability, race, and ethnicity.

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