Anab Gulaid

Training Action Plan

Anab GulaidAnab A. Gulaid

Coordinator, Institute on Community Integration
University of Minnesota

Anab A. Gulaid has worked in public health, nonprofit, research, training, and community building since the 1990s. She has a proven knowledge of building trusting relationships with diverse populations and cultures. In her current position at the University of Minnesota, Anab is involved in number of research and training projects that call for the collaboration of community advocates of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her focus is in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, early intervention, person-centered, and planning, communications, cultural competency, and community outreach through engagement. Anab has an Environmental Health degree (B.A.Sc.) from Ryerson University, a Masters of Public Affairs (MPA) from University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, and a Certificate of Disability Policy and Services from the University of Minnesota. She was awarded a Bush Leadership Fellowship (2009-2010) and has completed Bush Leadership Fellows Leadership Development Seminars.

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