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Training Action Plan

Tier 1 - Onsite Technical Assistance - all applications are due by COB on March 15, 2018

A total of four (4) UCEDDs will be selected to receive intensive onsite technical assistance (TA) that includes: (1) identifying policies, practices, and organizational and individual behavioral change strategies that will support the integration of CLC and cultural diversity in curricula / training activities across all or selected core functions; (2) providing faculty / staff professional and in-service training on CLC that includes CACs; and (3) developing an action plan to modify, adapt, or create curricula / training activities that embed cultural diversity and CLC across core functions.

UCEDDs will have an opportunity to submit applications that will be competitively reviewed and selected by members of the NAC and Embedding Project faculty and partners. Directors of the selected UCEDDs will execute a memorandum of agreement with the Embedding Project delineating mutual expectations and responsibilities, including data collection that describes their intended change process and outcomes achieved at the conclusion of the project.

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Tier 2 - Individualized Consultation

A total of 35-40 individualized consultations will be delivered to increase the capacity of UCEDDs, AUCD Councils, and UCEDD Directors to use the Embedding tools and resources to provide leadership, vet, adapt, or create curricula / trainoing activities on CLC and cultural diversity. TA will be conducted via conference call, e-mail, and distance technology (e.g. webinar, Zoom).

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