Daniel Crimmins, PhD

Training Action Plan

Daniel CrimminsDaniel Crimmins, PhD

Professor, Georgia State University’s School of Public Health
Director of Georgia State University’s Center for Leadership in Disability
Director of the Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (GaLEND)

Co-Principal Investigator, Embedding Cultural Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence: A Guide for UCEDD Curricula and Training

Dr. Crimmins is a former member and president of the AUCD Board. He has worked with children and adults with disabilities, families, schools, and organizations to ensure equal access to effective supports and interventions. Dr. Crimmins was the principal investigator on the Minority Partnership grant with Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) that focused on increasing resources related to disability and disparity. The Minority Partnership led to a continued partnership with MSM through the GaLEND Program. He serves on the Wisdom Council, which is the advisory group to Georgetown University’s Leadership Academy for Cultural Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence.

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