Emily Graybill

Training Action Plan

Emily GraybillEmily Graybill, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Georgia State University's School of Public Health

Co-consultant, Embedding Cultural Diversity and Cultural and Linguistic Competence: A Guide for UCEDD Curricula and Training

She studied multicultural education and psychology as a doctoral student and has facilitated cultural competence trainings on the topics of stereotype, implicit bias, intergroup dialogue, LGBT issues, and cultural competence broadly since 2008. She collaborated with the Georgia Department of Education in 2012 to update a school-level cultural competence self-assessment. Dr. Graybill was a member of the first cohort of Georgetown University’s Leadership Academy in 2015. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on the topic of culture. Dr. Graybill is the course director for the Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program content that integrates cultural competence training throughout the year-long program. Dr. Graybill serves as principal investigator on an AIDD diversity fellowship grant through which she is mentoring three fellows to build a consortium of leaders from Hispanic communities in Georgia with the goal of increasing access to resources and support related to developmental disabilities across the state.

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