Training Action Plan

A Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture

Author(s): Management Systems for Health
Source: US Department of HHS – Health Resources and Services Administration
Contributed by: AUCD Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit
Type: Curriculum

The resource is a web-based guide/curriculum developed for use by health care practitioners. It does not address contexts beyond healthcare. It provides definitions of cultural and linguistic competence, information about health disparities and inequities and how these can be addressed at the individual provider and organizational levels. It does not address intersecting identities of disability, race and ethnicity. In addition it does not specifically address disability or culturally defined values and beliefs in organizations concerned with IDD. There is, however, important basic content on cultural and linguistic competence and might be useful as an assigned self-learning activity to provide basic information for trainees that can then be enhanced with content about disability related issues and how CLC plays out in UCEDDs.

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