Training Action Plan

A Treatment Improvement Protocol: Improving Cultural Competence

Author(s): Andrea Kopstein, Ph.D., M.P.H, Karl D. White, Ed.D., and Christina Currier
Source: US Department of HHS - SAMHSA
Contributed by: AUCD Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit
Type: Curriculum

This resource is a Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP). TIPs are best practice guidelines for the treatment of substance use disorders. TIPs draw on the experience and knowledge of clinical, research, and administrative experts to evaluate the quality and appropriateness of various forms of treatment. As such, the content is not focused specifically on serving individuals with IDD, although some resources in the appendices address populations with a range of disabilities. It is a rich resource that provides multiple definitions of cultural competence, addresses language access and provides detailed approaches to developing cultural competence in service providers and organizations that could be adapted for UCEDDs or used to inform their curriculum development.

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