Training Action Plan

Project AWARE Cultural Competence Learning Community

Author(s)/Developer(s): Graybill, E.
Date: 2016
Publisher/Source: Contact Emily Graybill [email protected]
Contributed by: Center for Leadership in Disability, School of Public Health, Georgia State University
Type: Curriculum

The curricula was designed to support a learning community that can commit to meeting together for an extended period of time. The year-long learning community consisted of education administrators reviewing, watching, and reading the resources included in the course outline and then meeting for a structured discussion of the content and how it related to their work on school-based mental health. It is guided by the Papadopoulos, Tilki, & Taylor (1998) Model for Developing Cultural Competence. The outline and links are available from the author. There is no trainer’s manual. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the social and biological construct of race
  • Understanding the American Civil Rights Movement; Understand segregation in American schools
  • Recognizing privilege
  • Understanding racial/ethnic identity development
  • Recognizing diversity; Understand culture and healthcare
  • Understanding cultural humility
  • Community engagement
  • Understanding the process for conducting a community/ organizational self-assessment
  • Understanding the values guiding community-based participatory research

For each topic a comprehensive list of activities and resources to be reviewed are included. There is not content specifically related to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and thus adaptations or additions would have to be considered within that context for use in UCEDD curricula and training.

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